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Primary Bathroom: Toilet or Vanity in Front of Door?

3 months ago

I'm creating a primary bathroom in what was previously a walk-in closet. The space is small - roughly 8' x 8' but the ceiling is 10'.

OPTION 1: I can have a toilet and shower next to each other across from the door. Not ideal in terms of aesthetics - but perhaps it won't look so bad since it's not just the toilet but also the shower in view from the door. The upside of this layout - having the vanity next to the very large window. Vanity can be up to 60" long (possibly double) - though the contractor suggested we shrink the vanity and make the shower bigger.

OPTION 2: I could swap the vanity with the toilet. The vanity would have to be smaller, probably a single. This layout might require moving the door over to meet code for space in front of the toilet or installing a wall-hung toilet - both of which I'd like to avoid.

Which option would you choose?

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