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Need help with selecting hardwood/engineered hardwood/LVP flooring

Emi Sue
3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

Hi Everyone,

This is my time doing a remodel. I've been looking at hardwood/engineered hardwood/LVP options the past few weeks, and I am now starting to feel overwhelmed by all the choices. I'm looking for something that is light-medium oak color, relatively scratch resistant (have dogs and kids), and not terribly expensive (4-8$ per sq ft). I stumbled upon Stuga Studio 'Ingrid' line and I do like the color, but it is a bit over budget. 

Does anyone have any recommendations on a product that is similar to Ingrid but is more cost friendly?

Also, has anyone had any experience with Home Depot Malibu Wide Plank Line ? I might be leaning towards Astoria and Shoreline, but it's hard to tell through customer review photos. Also in Dana Point.

Thank you!

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