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where to put bath tub?

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

Hello all, we are about to remodel two smaller bathrooms. One bathroom is the shared hall bath. It is a small room that is about 5x8 feet. The other bath is part of an ensuite (more likely to be used as the guest suite). It is a little larger, about 5x9.5 feet. So DH and I are having a bit of disagrement on which of these rooms should have a bath tub and which a shower. DH thinks tub should go in the kids hall bath and shower in the ensuite bath for guests. But I feel like since the guest bath is larger, tub should go there. None of us are tub people but feel like we should include a tub in one of these rooms for future resale. What are your thoughts? thanks for your advice!

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