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Ceiling fan wobble on 3 ft downrod

Kosta Triantafillou
3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

Hi all. I am reading that it is somewhat normal to have some wobble on a fan setup like mine, but I am also reading there shouldn't be any wobble at all.

Monte Carlo Maverick fan on a 3 foot downrod. Speed 2 out of 6 and this is how much it wobbles. Is this acceptable or is it gonna fly off? It does seem to have started wobbling more over the last week.

No clue how to fix it. It wasn't easy finding anyone to install this as an 18 ft ladder is needed and it's angled. Hired someone cash. Not sure they did the best job.

It was perfectly level when installed and we didn't need a slope kit. Is it just the blades? They are wood. And the fan wasn't cheap either.

Appreciate any help. I'll have to figure out how to get it fixed as I dont think I want to bring back the guy who did it! I'm in Ottawa.

I can't seem to embed YT Short videos so here is the link:

I appreciate any help or insights!

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