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Crack & chip on new granite countertop - Is this normal?

3 months ago

We just had a portion of our new countertop delivered and I've noticed a crack on the piece in front of the sink cut-out, looks like it has been glued / filled in. Also, the corner is chipped on the front corner of the back of the sink cut-out, so it's going to be obvious with an undermount sink when it bridges with the other piece (there are 2 pieces connecting in the middle of the sink cutout).

The countertop dealer said that it's normal with granite fabrication and this is not a big deal. They are going to fill it in and it'll not be noticable.

My question is if this is really the norm and it's not a big deal? Is this going to cause issues down the road? What options do we have?

They are coming back in two days to with the other piece to complete the job...what should we be on the lookout for?

Crack - view from the edge front

Crack - view from the top

Crack - view from the bottom

Chip in the front corner of the back of the sink cut-out (where the other piece to be connected in the middle of sink cut-out )

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