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Need help on deciding countertop and cabinet color

4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

Hello everyone,

The background info of our kitchen is: medium size, 8 feet ceiling, U shape(cabinets on three walls) with an island, not an open floor plan, but open to the living room. a big window+ a patio door brings in quite a bit of natural lights, but overall I think it is still a little bit on the darker side.

Firstly, I'm confused about which one to choose out of two very similar countertop choices. One is Ethereal Glow and the other one is Toscana Cream which is a Home Depot excusive color. Both of them are from Silestone. Ethereal Glow has cooler white and quieter veining compared to Toscana Cream. The main concern for Ethereal Glow is that the background color is too white.

Secondly, I am totally lost regarding how to decide on my cabinet color. I am doing custom cabinets, so I can pick any color I want. I have three potential colors. #1 is matched to Chantilly Lace. #2 is matched to Simply White. #3 is one of their colors which is very white with no any undertone, just like paper white. I took pictures from 4 different sides of walls the cabinets will be on. The first 3 pictures of the paint samples are from the sink wall which has the window and the patio door, so they are back to the natural lights. I took 3 pictures from 3 directions. They all look different, and I can't choose because of this difference. At this location, #1 Chantilly Lance looks dull and has blueish and greenish color to it which I don't want. The rest of the pictures are from the two walls 90 degree to the window and the patio door and the island. In picture 4 and 5, #1 Chantilly Lance looks a little bit of dull, blueish and greenish too, but not as bad as first three pictures. This observation isn't visible in through the camera lens, but I can see this. Overall I feel #3 matches the countertop Ethereal glow the best, but I am worried it is too bright. These pictures are taken in the morning when there is not much natural lights coming in. In the afternoon, it will look different as well. I feel totally lost on how to pick a color out of three.

Any advices to help me get out of this mess is very appreciated.

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