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Help with open plan living/entryway layout

Michelle Skinner
3 months ago

Hi, we are moving into duplex in a few months. Move will be expensive, so I will be reusing my existing 2 and 3 seater recliner sofas for the time being. Eventually I would like to get new (smaller) sofas, but it will be a while.

As to the coffee table and sofa table, currently I have a dining room, which has a bench. I am going to swop the legs on the bench and table, and use the table with short legs as coffee table, and the bench with long legs as console table. (The size of the coffee table in the pic is the size it will be).

The bench is 14 inches wide, I can cut it down to 10 inches to make a sofa table, or leave it at 14 inches for console table.

My question is:

I really want a sofa table so I don't have to see the back of the couch all the time. But then there is this big blank wall in the entryway.

Do I put something like a big mirror against the blank wall?

Do I add a console to the wall, so have a console table and sofa table facing each other?

Do I put a console table against the wall and something decorative against the sofa back, maybe some stools, baskets, stuff like that?

As shown above, the space between the edge of the sofa table and the wall is about 3'6''.

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