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Wednesday's blossoms, and some from yesterday

Nancy 6b
4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

Not a lot blooming yet,

Blue Breasted Bee Eater. I purchased this one from someone who accidentally sent me 3 fans, a fan of the next daylily in the same one. Neither really looks a lot like what she says, but I do see variation in them so I guess they are right

Violet Backed Starling, a little darker than the photo shows

Jamaican Love

Raspberry Pixie

Terry Lyninger

Volcano Queen

Web of Intrigue, not as many buds per scape as usual

1st bloom on Whale Tales

And that is all for today! scapes are all over the place. I did have a beautiful bloom on Westbourne Seafoam Candy yesterday but did not notice til later in the day with no camera in hand. That one is supposed to be a ML bloomer, but showed up early last year and again this year.

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