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Advice for replacing siding - now or later?

4 months ago

We've just bought a fixer-upper that is going to need new siding and paint on the entire house. We're in the process of getting bids now, but also need to order and replace a window that has a lead time of somewhere between 2-4 months according to the rep.

My question for contractors / homeowners who have done this sort of thing: given that we want to install the window while the siding is off anyway, does it make sense to order the window now and wait to get bids closer to the date when it'll actually arrive? Or should we lock in a price now? The bids we've gotten are only good for 30 days.

I ask because it rains most of the year where we live (Seattle), so everyone tends to do any exterior work during the summer when it's drier. I wonder if we might be able to get a better deal if we wait until the end of the summer when contractors schedules might be a little less full. Not sure if that makes any sense, but again, at least some of the work will be dependent on the window arriving so (I think) we'll need to wait some amount anyway.

Thank you!

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