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Can We Use Container Size to Limit Growth of Invasive Trumpet Vine?

westes Zone 9b California SF Bay
3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

Can you use a container to limit the extent of growth of the invasive trumpet vine? If yes, are there any good guidelines about how big a trumpet vine can grow in a given-sized container?

I have a 30-foot section of fenceline that I would like to cover with a fast-growing vine. I definitely would not want to place an invasive Campsis radicans into the ground, where 20 years from now it owns the whole sideyard. I was hoping that putting it into a very large container might keep its maximum extent to about 30 to 50 feet and that with some good trimming practices, I could limit collateral damage.

In the first photo, I marked in red and green the area where I want to hang some trellises (separated from the fence to allow for the fence to be replaced someday), and I want a vine that runs long and thick in this area. This sideyard area is used for garden storage and looks utilitarian and ugly. A flowering vine would change the personality of the area entirely, but I need to keep the vine restrained vertically. The idea was to run an aggressive vine from a large 15 to 20-gallon container so that I could limit its extent.

The second and third photos are just stock photos of C radicans, in its usual misbehaved glory.

All points of view are welcome.

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