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Help with picking colour for front steps

4 months ago

We have a house with white stucco, light coloured wood siding and mid grey metal siding (on the photo parts of the house that are unfinished will be wood and some metal is also incomplete on the soffits). We have originally wanted the stairs to be concrete but the company that did the concrete work did a terrible job and we now need to cover up the steps as well as the foundation around the house. In the photo of the stairs, on the top step are the materials already on the house and the little grey tile is the material that is going to be used to cover the concrete on the foundation. On the lower step are samples of the different products we are considering for covering up the stairs. Which would look best? From far away tile #2 looks very close to colour of metal. The black (#3) would be a contrast with the material that will be going on the wall of the steps and nothing else is black. The two grey choices (#1 and #4) are close but not exactly the same grey as material that is going to cover cement on the foundation wall.

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