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How do turn this empty space into an affordably stylish living room?

Roddy Reese
3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

I have never been able to afford to style my apartment but I finally want to push myself to use my resources and make it feel more like a home. The vibe that I've been dreaming of is a blend of bohemian, planty, earthy with a touch of modern traditional. I love clay pots and textured art. Would love to incorporate a little more color than the grays I have but unfortunately the couch and coffee table (also photo'd) are must-stays for financial/sentimental reasons. I've tried to add room measurements if that's at all helpful. I just feel so lost and would love any reasonable advice. Thank you!!


Sofa + Chaise Length: 124 in

Sofa Depth: 44 in

Chaise Depth: 73 in

Coffee Table Length: 55 in

Coffee Table Depth: 29.5 in

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