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Choosing a siding color for my brick house with siding in the middle

3 months ago

I'm looking to freshen up the front of my new house. I've decided against a complete remodel to modernize the exterior. I want to keep the original 50's colonial ranch charm and the original brick. I just want to freshen it up by painting the siding, replacing the columns (square or round?) and replacing the light fixtures. Currently the siding and columns are stark white as is the trim around and beneath each window. The shutters are SW Peppercorn. I definitely want to get rid of the stark white but should I just go with a creamy white or are there more creative options? I'm also thinking of black shutters, but again open to new ideas. I have a prominent house on a very visable corner so I want my house to be really outstanding which means I'm second guessing every choice. :)

There is beige siding on other parts of the house. The beige is are very seperate from the front of the house because of the way the exterior of the house is laid out, but I included a photo fo the back of the house for reference anyway. What do you think? Thanks!

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