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Help with Hood / Range Flanking Windows

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

Hi! We're in the middle of a new construction build out, and the builder provides a 36" range and hood as part of the included package. I really want to upgrade to a 48" range (and hood) but unfortunately, I'm not sure if there's sufficient space to put a 48" hood (since it's flanked by windows). I've included the floor plan section below. I've read through other threads, but haven't seen any that are too similar.

There's 75" between the center of one window to the other. Each window looks to be 2 feet. So, I think we have enough clearance for a 48" hood, but it looks like the window trim might be ~3 inches, which would then mean the hood will overlap with the window trim, which isn't great.

We currently have a 36" range and really want to go up to a Wolf 48" all gas range (6 burners + infrared griddle) given our cooking needs. We are planning to ask the builder next week if they might be able to move the window 6" on either side, so we can put in a 48" hood with sufficient CFM (and make-up air, as needed). The kitchen is on the main floor, and vents outside (I think 10" duct)

But I'm worried if they say they can't do it. In that case, do I have any other options that doesn't involve a full remodel that will involve moving the windows? For instance, could I ask for a specific type of window trim or casement? A different model or type of hood that would work? Or if that doesn't work, is it awful if the edge of the hood overlaps with the window by a couple of inches? I know I'll need to look at the code as well.

Any inputs would be much appreciated. Thank you!!

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