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The season is really starting now

I guess the seedling is really starting now. We have one named variety blooming today that is not on a leftover scape plus two seedlings.

By the Golden Rule was obtained because of its reputation of blooming three times per season in our area. We'll see what it does this year.

Little Lemon Twist X Dragons Orb is nothing to write home about, but it's the first of the seedlings planted in 2022 to bloom.

This seedling, Penny's Worth x Peas and Thank You, is about 5 years old. We like it because it is one of the first to bloom in our garden. We moved it last year so the scape is shorter with few buds than it usually is.

Bob moved the rain lilies to the patio and they are putting on a show today.

This is our new white poppy.

It's horribly dry here--no rain in sight for 10 days according to the forecast--with climbing temperatures. Bob is watering around the clock. It's a good thing he put in the second well several years ago.

That's all for me today.


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