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Grand Prize JACbeau and Kimberlina JACpoulp rose information request

Sharon z8b Texas
4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

I received an order from Jackson & Perkins last week that was supposed to include Cream Veranda. The rose bush that should be Cream Veranda arrived without a label and bloomed this weekend. I think what I received is either Grand Prize (some photos online show it has pink and a review on Dave's Garden says "Flowers are cream with pink blush") or Kimberlina. I attached photos of the plant I received.

Does anyone grow Grand Prize or Kimberlina? Can you tell me if my photos look like one of these or maybe another rose? Any other information about these two is greatly appreciated, such as:

Disease resistance: blackspot or powdery mildew prone?

Blooms: bloom regularly, do the blooms fade in sun, hot weather, ball in rain/humidity, self-clean or require deadheading?

Thorniness: lower thorn, average thorns, or barbed wire like Munstead Wood?

Growth habit: upright, bushy, arching?

Fragrance: do these have any?

I don't detect fragrance on mine and the flowers are 3" diameter (2 quart potted rose). The Jackson & Perkins website says Grand Prize has a moderate fruity fragrance and Kimberlina has a light spicy fragrance.

I am in Central Texas, so I especially want to hear from any of you who live in a brutally hot climate like me.

Thank you in advance.

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