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Is having two different styles of interior doors a design no-no?

3 months ago

Remodeling our house and need to replace all the doors. The house is mid-century modern, but I want to move away from it being strictly mid century modern and be more a blend between mid century modern and modern.

I know typically all the interior doors should be the same to create uniformity. HOWEVER what if the house has two separate "wings" and each of the two separate areas has the same type of interior door? I love 3 panel shaker doors because of the texture and character. My husband likes them too but thinks that there will be too much geometry in the hallway that has bedrooms/bathroom because there are 7 doors there. The way our house is set up, there are two different wings. There is the living room/dining room/kitchen area, and then there is a door to a hallway that leads to all the bedrooms/bathrooms. There is a door that separates the communal spaces from the hallway with the bedrooms/bathrooms, so it feels like there are two separate wings. My thought is maybe we can do 3 panel shaker doors in the communal spaces and 1 panel shaker doors for all the doors down the hallway. There are only two interior doors in the communal area, so there would be two doors with 3 shaker panels, and the rest of the interior doors in the house would 1 panel. I've attached a photo from the living area looking down the hallway, and you can see that you can't even see the doors in the hallway (plus there is going to be a door there that closes between the hallway and living room), so I think you wouldn't even be able to tell that they are different unless you were standing in front of them? Btw I know this photo is crooked, but it's the only one I have..we are doing construction so tearing things down and not everything is in alignment right now. Am I crazy to do two different kinds of doors? I just think 1 panel shaker doors throughout our house is well, a little boring, because the architecture for our house is pretty simple/minimalistic as it is.

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