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Want ONE more fragrant rose! Any suggestions?

4 months ago

Hello alll!
I’m in Queens, NYC (zone 7) and have a total of 15 roses which I am growing for fragrance as my number one priority. Disease resistance is not at all a concern to me. I dont have the luxury of space and have room for one more 25 gallon container. What one fragrant rose should I add to my list below. I have no color preference, just fragrance!
I took a trip to Peggy Rockefeller and Cranford Rose gardens here in NYC and the only two that really caught my nose were PJP II and Ebb tide, I literally sniffed every rose there! Few hundred sniffed!!!
Leaning toward PJP II which was incredibly strong up close with a beautiful citrus and lychee scent. Ebb Tide had a nice spicy scent but most of my list beat it in terms of strength and quality. I also do not like myrrh scents on roses at all! Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated! Please pick only one!!

My roses ranked as my favorites to sniff
1)Comte de Chambord (container)
2)Margaret Merril (ground)
3)Mme Isaac Pereire (container)
4)Blue Girl (container)
5)Bolero (container)
6)Chrysler Imperial (container)
7)Abraham Darby (ground)
8)Heritage (ground)
9)Reine de violettes (container)
10)La Reine (container)
11)Dark Desire (container)
12)Marie Pavie (ground, can’t really smell much yet, still a tiny shrub)

Cant rank my rest, as they are first yr:
Golden Celebration (container)
Felicia (ground)
Sweet Mademoiselle (container)

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