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Privacy vine advice needed

3 months ago

I really need some help. I have been racking my my brain trying to figure out how to design myself out of our fishbowl back yard in our new house. I have settled on privacy vines as the best approach. I’m going to build my own lattice with tall stakes and trellis netting. Eventually I want that to become invisible under the growth.

I am having a really hard time finding the right vine(s). Here is what I need:

-grows and fills in quickly (this summer!)
-but will not take over our yard (or neighbors’ yards!); not cause damage
-will not hurt the 6 ft evergreen trees I need to plant them near (planted those a year ago when we moved in but these are going to take years to fill in)
-is a perennial
-hardy in zone 7b

And while I had originally been thinking floral and beautiful, after some reading, I’m now thinking maybe a purely green leafy vine that is evergreen (is there such a thing in 7b?!) because then we don’t stare at an unsightly vine cemetery all winter (& we actually keep the privacy too). Then I could layer in another floral vine with no concern for rapid fill-in just to add some pops of color (maybe a clematis?)

I would be so appreciative of any help and advice!


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