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Slugs ignore my hostas. Instead they eat…

  • my Sun King Aralias to the ground if permitted
  • Asclepias incarnata, swamp milkweed. Checked yesterday only to find ALL new shoots have been eaten and I won’t be ready for early caterpillars
  • baptisia. They ate one into the grave, never to try to emerge again
  • Anise hyssip Golden Jubilee.
  • goatsbeard
  • Monarda bradburiana. An attempt to eat in completion which I thwarted.

Many of these plants are RIGHT BESIDE HOSTAS, and my hostas are surrounded by huge leaf litter, so much so that I often have to remove an oak leaf that is constricting a hosta leaf from completely opening. I NEVER find slugs on hostas and the leaves show no signs of being eaten by anything excerpt deer. Unfortunately, the deer do not prefer the delectible beer traps I put out. Always so thankful I have Irish slugs.

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