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Are my expectations too high? (Granite installation)

3 months ago

First time remodeling a kitchen and I’m not sure what’s normal/acceptable. 3cm viscount white granite was installed on Friday. Please let me know if you think these concerns are valid, or are these issues just within normal limits/to be expected sort of things:
A) sink cutout looks wavy to me and the corners don’t look uniform.
B) I asked for flush/zero reveal. Doesn’t look flush to me.
C) looks like they repaired a chip at one corner. I understand these things happen. But the color match doesn’t look great IMO.
D) another corner is chipped and they didn’t repair it and also there’s a gap between the granite and wall.
E) they didn’t clean off their yellow marker marks at the seams before sealing them.
F) there’s silicone smeared more than an inch up the side of one cabinet.
G) one edge has a rough patch with gobs of hardened glue(?) on it and on the cabinet.

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