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Returning phal passion

Pat Z5or6 SEMich
9 months ago

I'm returning to this Forum after many years of being too busy to learn anything instructive about imy nterest in orchids. My life has changed drastically and I am newly eager to learn the proper way to grow phalaenopsis. I've been mostly watching orchid videos on YouTube but don't know which ones are the best, if any. I'm picking up my phals from grocery stores because I don't know any better yet. I'm hoping jane__ny (and all the super-knowledgeable others) is still contributing to this forum as she was of so much help to me in the past. Right now I have just one question that keeps haunting me and then I will continue to read as muich as I can before I start bugging you: if phal roots like air and water, and are naturally grown on trees in the rain forest, why cannot we place them in pots without bark or spag or anything else? I mean, I understand the holes in the side of clay or plastic pots, but why anything else besides roots in the pot?

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