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Some Winners from the Seedling Beds

3 months ago

Bubblegum Queen's babies are starting to bloom, and so far I'm happy with the results.

Judy's Jewel x Bubblegum Queen #1 - This one had its ffe yesterday. It has a big 8-inch bloom that looks a lot like BQ, except BQ has a white edge and this seedling has a gold one. The petals are a bit rounder than BQ.

American Doll X Bubblegum Queen #1 - The photo does not capture how neon looking the deep pink petals and the green throat are. The flower on this one is in the 6 inch range. I thought this one was so special, I dragged my husband out of the house to see it.

Core Values X Bowtie Affair - This year's blooms are 7 inches. Last year they were 6 inches.

Cross of two Karelia seedlings

White Tooth X Skater 3R - Second year to bloom. The teeth will get bigger when the night temps are highter.

Spacecoast Night Vision X Razor Sharp


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