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How to avoid transplant shock and help the recovery of a citrus plant

last year
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I have recently repotted a citrus plant (Citrus Arcobal) in Al’s 1:1:1 Gritty mix, the plant is not in good shape and has lost 90% of its leaves, the leaves from the bottom start yellowing and a couple of them fall every 3-4 days :(

I want to ask for advice and information:

1. How to aid the recovery of the plant as I really really don’t want to lose it, is there something i can do to help (some picture below)

2. How to avoid such situation in the future, as this is very stressful, I have read on the forum that it is possible to repot without shocking the plant, I have read dozens of posts with instructions, yet maybe i did something wrong, a video would be also great

Here are some details,

The tree is around 3-4 years grafted citrus “arcobal” which has been growing and flowering and was in a great shape, i have noticed that the soil is becoming too water retentive and as I recently repotted most of my smaller plants in 5:1:1 mix with great success, i decided to try the premium Gritty 1:1:1 for the bigger plants

The mix: I used pine bark and sieved it to 5-8 mm and washed it and pre soaked for an hour or so, instead of the Turface i used Seramis/washed it well, and the third component was crushed 5mm basalt which was locally available also washed it well added gypsum and the whole mix was pre moisten

Repotting: I tried to be

very careful to keep the process quick (took around 20mins) and the roots never dried, I would soak the root ball for few mins then spray it and repeat until all the old soil was removed, it was peat/compost and didn’t take much effort to wash, I didn’t notice any damaged roots and there were no thick/circling roots, most of the root ends had fibrous roots growing so i skipped the root trimming I placed the roots spread in the new pot and continued filling up to the old soil line

The plant is placed in doors in a bright spot with maybe one hour of sunlight at 7 am, i water it every 2/3 days, i use a wood skewer to check the moisture and after two days it is still a bit cold but not moist, i sometimes add super thrive and seaweed to the water, on the second week i started using 1/2-1/3 strength fertilizer i have two soluble fertilizers laying around that i am using (wuxal universal 8-8-6 with micro nutrients, substral vita citrus 6-4-6)

I am located south of Germany, zone 7a, the repotting was done on the first week of May after a flush of flowering and as the plant is kept inside the temperature was consistently between 15-20c

I have ~25 other plants, growing happily (fertilized with the same water) so water can’t be the issue, i adjust the pH to be 6-6.5 after adding the fertilizer, i never had issues with repotting but i believe the difference here is the bare-rooting/washing of the roots

here are some photos

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