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Removing range. Replace with wall oven/cooktop. Size dilemma?

Peyton Montana
4 months ago


As the picture shows, I’m removing a 30” range and replacing it with an electric wall oven and separate gas cooktop.

Sorry if this sounds like a no brainer, but do you replace a 30” range with a 30” wall oven? I notice some brands, Viking and Thermador come in 24”, 28” and 30”, so I’m a little confused. But…their 30” is actually 29 1/4 by specs.

Would a 30” wall oven be too big, where the door almost hits the floor when you open it??

Also, if anyone wants to recommend good model #s for this combo, I’d love to hear it. Any brand, I don’t have to go high end.

P.S. countertops are not installed yet, so I’m good to go for a good cooktop fit.

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