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Old vintage curtain advice

Jessica Cieluch
4 months ago


We just moved into our new home and I love the natural light and we don’t have close neighbors. My husband insists that we put up some kind of curtains right away. I don’t have time to look around due to my 2 yr old and special needs 4 yr old. My mom sews and found these vintage curtains she had from 20 yrs ago from Europe. It looks awkward because they don’t go to the ground. My husband won’t lower the rod due patching/hole issues. Plus, that’s the ideal rod plan for our future curtains when kids are bigger. I foresee them terrorizing/playing with these curtains which is fine because they are temporary. Rod is 6 inches above window moulding.

What can I do to make the curtains look cozy and not so awkward/frumpy ? Are they really that bad ? My mom can maybe sew like a strings at the bottom to lengthen to the ground to give it a bohemian vibe. I have really tall ceilings with walnut stained wood beams. There is also a matching window on the other side of fireplace that will have marching curtains. Here is the curtain on first pic , some ideas and my kids lol

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