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What’s the best duraseal or bona stain for our red oak floors?

3 months ago

There have been challenges in this process and without getting into too much nitty- gritty, I need to pick a color either in bona or duraseal stain NOW! our project is so very delayed due to this flooring nightmare.

Having tried so many combinations, our goal now is a solid stain that corrdinates well with our kraftmaid maple barley island. The perimeter will be white. The light exposure is eastern and not with tons of natural light. planning to use bona traffic hd (not sure if it will extra matte or satin) - i have 2-70+lbs dogs and kids. open to your suggestion and advice. our floor guys will not waterpop. i am trying to cover the red. walls will be bm classic gray and counters will be white pearl quartzite.

last sampling has bona jacobean, duraseal medium brown, bona medium brown and duraseal dark walnut. not sure why the dk walnut seems darker than jacobean. is the duraseal jacobean a better color than the bona?

i had tried solid in duraseal: special walnut, chestnut and provincial and neither seems to look great on the floor or with the cabinet and did not cover well. looking for a timeless classic brown without to much of a challenge with muddy dog prints and tumbleweeds, but willing to deal with that for the right shade.

thoughts or suggestions for me? should i try another color? will bona medium brown cover well? is the jacobean in bona a good choice? i am finding these two bona samples are slightly less traditional looking (which i like). the dk walnut duraseal does look good but is very heavy and blackish and looks really great with lots of light hits it (which does not seem to be my home). open to yoir advise with stains and finishing luster.

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