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Lower Cabinets Color?

Rachel M
4 months ago

Hey everyone- having a tough time deciding on a paint color for our lower cabinets. The house has a modern organic & rustic feel. The upper cabinets are wood and, for the lowers, we decided to get new doors and paint them. The counter top and backsplash is white with gray accents (don't want to change it due to money). The house is mainly a neutral white with a lot of browns, creams, and black. I would like a more timeless color meaning a color that isn't 'on trend' that i would want to change in a year (so probably not green or brighter blue). I'm not the biggest fan of true grays, there isn't any gray in the house but I'm open for any suggestings! Thank you. I put a image of the living room/ kitchen so you can see the homes 'vibe'. i love the color folkstone by SW- a purpleish brown but im not set on it so im open for any ideas!

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