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Need decor advise on wrap around front porch with side wrap included.

Nancy Carey
4 months ago

Our home has a wrap around front porch however, I don't know how to decorate/incorporate furniture from the front of the porch to the side "wrap". The side of the porch does not have an exit, so no real purpose other than the ethestic curb appeal. Currently, we have 2 wicker chairs with an end table between on both sides of the front door. We would like to expand the seating for company when entertaining to allow a larger group seating. In it's current state, it's not functional for more than 2 groups of 2 - but it does give the visual balance in the front. We are open to getting a sofa or dining table with chairs or more chairs but would love to get some recommendations or examples of what anyone else is doing in my situation.

My porch is 7'6" deep and 12' to the left of the entrance and 12' to the right (with the additional 7'6" on the front wrap). The side porch is 9'6" deeper, adding to the 7'6" totalling 17' x 7'6".

Thank you for any suggestions.


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