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How would you lay out this shower tile?

4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

I chose a 6x6 tile that would include some white tiles and some abstract flower tiles. The same line includes a 2x6 tile that comes in white with decorated blue and white tiles that have fragments of plants. The tiles are porcelain but they look handmade, their surface is nonuniform (see pics below). This is for a zero-entry shower 7ft wide, 9ft tall, and 40.5" deep. One of the short walls will have a bench and niches. (I posted separately about the arrangement of fixtures and niches, which is changing.)

The house is modern-ish, and it's in a remote natural landscape. The feeling I'm going for is "modern organic," if that's a thing. I want to bring nature indoors in an abstract way. The question is how to arrange the tiles in the shower so they don't look too traditional. The images below come from the mfr website, and probably give a good indication of how to do it--with the 6x6 tiles, spacing them out with lots of white tile in between, but more random and not a checkerboard. (I had the idea of "scattering" them across the wall, as if they are caught in a breeze, but I think it would be hard to execute and might just look goofy.)

The architect, otoh, is proposing putting the blue flowers in single-tile columns or rows where they're right next to each other. I think they look a lot better scattered, since they're partial flowers and aren't meant to "connect." The 2x6 tiles do look good next to each other with some white tiles mixed in. The architect has suggested placing those vertically going all the way up the wall, but with a 9ft ceiling, I think the wall will look tall enough, and I imagined them horizontal, as in the mfr image below. I was thinking of doing the side wall where I enter the shower in 2x6. The architect suggests doing the other side wall, the bench wall instead, but that wall will be more hidden from view.

Thoughts on how to lay out these tiles keeping in mind a nontraditional "vibe"?

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