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Downsized season continues

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

The red insect destroyed almost all the buds in my roadside bed this year. Although mostly older cultivars it was also home to many favorites such as EITV, Butterfly Moon, Down Home, Dixie Highway, Stargate Portal, Spacecoast FB and so many more. Thankfully my newest large front bed had less damage. Here are a few of those.

Simplicity in Motion survived bugs and freeze

Have to post my yellow noid -also snubbed its nose at the freeze

Big Hearted Jim

Green Rainbow

Rumba Numba is a little short this year

Butter Cream in a mass of blooms

John Bassili is looking the best I have seen with tall scapes and mostly good blooms except for slug damage

No Boys Allowed

Rachelle Agin

Kara Louise-best non splotched bloom I have had

Love Spills Over

Cloud of Witnesses

Pick Up Lines is shorter this year but I still love this bloom

Pansy Face Charmer-had to post it once more-not many blooms its first year but every one has been almost spotless.

Marilyn Monroe

Isabelle Rose--FFO so you can see bud count is low this year

Catastrophe Waitress-another low bloomer

Mount Herman Autumn (I think)

And another shot of Wild Cherry Wine-a cool morning intensified the color

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