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Garage door opener keypads

Paul Doland
4 months ago

I don't really understand why I seem to have more issues with garage door opener remotes and keypads. Just using my Chamberlain's built in receiver, I would find reliability issues and needing to be very close to the garage door. So, I wired a remote receiver just inside my garage door so that I could presumably have better reliability outside the door. With not the greatest results. I've had a keypad on the outside of the garage door just 2 feet away from the receiver on the inside of the garage and sometimes it works and sometimes not. I've changed batteries. Changed the entire keypad. Sometimes works, sometimes not.

Thinking about maybe trying a totally different route, I bought a Beam brand wi-fi garage door opener. It forgets the wi-fi and stops working. ARRGH!!!

I'm thinking about trying something with Apple Homelink. I've never used that technology. What about that? And if that works, I wouldn't necessarily need a keypad anymore since I could use the phone. But I'm still thinking of having a keypad in case my phone is dead or something. Is there a Homelink keypad that could work?

Or maybe I just have a bad remote receiver? Is there any particular brand/model of garage door receiver generally known to be reliable?

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