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need advice front yard project: add walkway & expand driveway

3 months ago

Hi, I finally got the time to work on my front yard project. Here is what I want to achieve:

  1. Add a pathway on the left to connect the side garage door and create trash can pad

  2. Widen driveway a little, 2’ each side, I only got 17’10” wide for 2 car driveway

  3. Add some stone edge around garden bed and tree for better look and mulch separation

My questions are:

  1. What materiel do I use for the new walkway & extra driveway? Pouring concrete worry about not look good and not match existing color. I’m currently thinking paver.

  2. Say I pick paver on the left. Would it not look good since it doesn’t match the little walkway on the right? Should I replace the existing 70 sqft walkway with new paver? If I redo walkway, which is better, square or round?

  3. I got curb cut that can’t be modified. Would the curb part look weird if I add the stone paver border?

  4. The on left side of garage makes the new walkway too narrow. Should I consider move the tree or try to pave around it, live a circle ring for its root?

  5. I saw people doing garden wall or simple stone border for garden bed. Money aside, would garden wall be more appealing & practical? Would there be tripping concern or blocking the content of the garden if do a raised garden wall?

Thank in advance. I really don’t have great taste in design and I’m very indecisive.

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