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Outdoor Summer Runner Rug over Winter rug

4 months ago

Design Dilemma- I live in Upstate NY- and have a heavy duty black outdoor runner rug on the deck leading to our front door. It is huge and I would prefer not to have it roll it up for the summer, bc it does serve a purpose and it would take up a lot of space even rolled up.

But it does look ugly and wintry for the summer months. Has anyone layered a more summery looking outdoor runner rug over a wintry looking one? Does it stay in place on top of the wintry rug? Does it need to be the same length but perhaps not same width? Or maybe a shorter length and width? What material would complement the wintry looking rug?

Thank you- I have been stuck on this, trying to find the right summer runner rug for three summers now- since we bought the house!

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