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First reno, help! 60” or 72” vanity in smallish main bathroom?

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

We have one bathroom on the main floor with an odd (though super convenient) jack & jill layout. One door leads to the hallway with bedrooms, the other leads to the pantry/kitchen. We are going to remodel and close off the pantry-side door in order to move the plumbing down and install a much larger, double-sink vanity.

Our contractor told us we can fit up to a 72” vanity. I would LOVE that size, but I think it might make everything too crowded. Opinions?

A 72” vanity would leave us with about 34” between it and the wall for the toilet and a trash can. Is that enough space? we are keeping the current toilet and would be left with enough room for 16” off center.

A 60” vanity would leave us with a ton of space, about 46”, just for the toilet area. What else could we put in there (other than a trash can)? It seems like it would be weirdly empty.

I found a brand with a 66” vanity (Beckett or Miranda by Wyndham Collection - and this between size seems highly appealing. Any drawbacks to getting a non-standard size?

Details of room:

  • about 4.5’x8.75’ main floor area (with current plaster, not including closet or tub)
  • we are taking it all down…replacing walls with drywall, new tub, new tile floor, tile surround, arch over shower/tub, add an exhaust fan, new lighting. Probably will not replace tile on walls.

In photos I highlighted where 60” and 72” vanities would hit. Again, a 60” vanity (marked with blue) leaves roughly 46” to the far wall, and 72” leaves about 34” (marked with pink) to the far wall.

(photos taken with .5 zoom on iPhone, so perspective may be a little weird)

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