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Better Layout on Master Suite Floor?

Ree G
3 months ago

We recently bought a house where the master suite spans the entire floor. It is functional for now but I can’t help but feel like it is very poorly laid out, particularly all the walls and how the bathroom and closet have separate doors from the hallway. There also isn’t a door at the top of the stairs landing to make it feel like a master suite. I am looking for advice on the following:

  1. Assuming that none of the interior walls are load bearing, how should we remove/modify walls to make it more cohesive?
  2. The toilet is walled off with a door that makes the bathroom feel cramped - any renovation ideas for the bathroom? I’d love to connect it to the closet.
  3. Have you seen glass or other doors added to stair landings? How would one build that?
  4. We don’t want to knock down the wall between the master bed and office because it would decrease the room count but we would love advice on how to connect the two. Interior windows?

The layout is not to scale. I don’t have a blueprint so loosely sketched this layout via an app.

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