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Quartz countertop colors/manufacturers: MSI, Della Terra, Pental

Barb Chamberlain
4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

We're in the final phase of choosing materials for a full kitchen remodel. I had narrowed my countertop choices down and then read, so the Caesarstone Raw Concrete I was considering for the perimeter counters is off the list. I'm also doubting my preference for a honed or sueded finish on the perimeter, given the more porous nature. Perimeter countertop will go up the wall as backsplash too.

The island needs to be a polished finish, as that will be the baking center for rolling out dough and kneading bread. Perimeter will have the induction cooktop and large workstation sink. All the cutting action will be on the workstation and we never put hot pans or messy utensils right on the countertop (who puts hot pans right on a countertop anyway?? I never understand that).

This is a north-facing kitchen with skylights and a big window and will be open to the south-facing living room. I'm moving samples around at different times of day to get an idea of how they'll look and right now they all have puddles of red wine, coffee, cooking oil, and balsamic vinegar on them to check for staining. We're pretty tidy and wipe things up as we go so it's not that we expect to leave puddles, but it's always possible to miss tiny droplets.

Two color combinations, either of which will work with our flooring and cabinets:

More cool grey:

More tan/warm grey (currently leaning toward this, as the flooring is a warmer grey):

Experiences with these manufacturers welcome! Any suggested color/manufacturer alternatives to the Caesarstone Raw Concrete?

In case you want to know the rest of the colors/finishes:

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