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UPDATE - Atlanta Cocktail Attire Event - Shoe Opinions Welcome

Thank you to those that helped me narrow down my cocktail attire choice for my upcoming trip to Atlanta! For reference, I will be wearing this Adrianna Papell dress (pictures on a model, not me).

I ordered far more shoes than my credit card appreciated and I have narrowed it down to a few. All of them are silver in varying shades and sheens. None are sparkly.

Shoe #1

Lifestride - These are by far the most comfortable. The heel height is about 3" and the soles are soft and flexible. I feel quite stable and secure walking around in them. These are also the most affordable. Are they delicate enough looking to wear to a cocktail event?

Shoe #2

Calvin Klein - These are less comfortable and less stable, but they are dainty and pretty. The heel height is also about 3". The ankle strap keeps them on well, but the sole is harder, though some padding at the heel.

Shoe #3

Naturalizer - These are probably the second most comfortable. They are stable and have a 3.25" heel height with a bit of a platform. The heels are thicker and a little funkier but also clunkier looking.

I will be carrying this small silver leather clutch/wristlet as a purse. I tried another more sparkly option but it just isn't me. I hope it's ok. It's quite small but gives me a place for my phone and wallet.

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