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Chinese Fan Palm

3 months ago

Hi. I'm very new to palms and recently acquired this lovely tree about 3 weeks ago. Came from the nursery big, lush and green. I've watered it twice since then, waiting for the soil to dry up considerably, once from the top and once from the bottom, both times with a quarter dilution of a high quality organic fertilizer. I noticed some that the lower, younger leaves were having some issues somewhat early on, they seemed to be yellowing a bit and fragile/breaking at the leaf seams. Just recently however, things seem to have gotten a bit worse. I'm including pictures to give as much context as possible. I know it's difficult to diagnose plant problems over the internet, but I was hoping someone might be willing to share some insight and wisdom based on what they see... I'm still learning how to speak the language of the palm and any help translating what this lovely fella is saying would be really helpful!

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