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Hickory wood vanity/cabinets with what wood door?

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

I am having a bathroom remodel being done and it all started so I can get a roll in shower but I went and picked out a Hickory cabinet.

Now I am trying to pick a door to go with the natural hickory but the builder said it is going to be $2000. I want the arch top and (planked) where the lines show.

I am going to remodel the rest of my home and love the hickory but wondering if I should U-Turn right now and go with something else like knotty alder?

I like rustic. I have everything oak now and it is that honey oak which I do not like. It is all solid but please give me your opinions because I am in over my head now and feeling overwhelmed.

Thank you kindly,

EDIT: I guess I just am asking what wood door goes with the hickory natural vanity and cabinet in bathroom.

We are going to do the whole house and right now it is all Oak and we want to go rustic. We are thinking natural wood or woods as long as rustic. At this point cost is not a worry. We are going to spend what saved since we are 'getting up there" in our ahem upper 50's.

Thanks all and hope I am doing this forum right.

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