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plumbing code and wall mounted faucets

3 months ago

We’re in DC, and I’m trying to figure out if it is possible to mount a wall mounted utility faucet (just the faucet no the utility sink/tub) in the space under the basement steps. The support would span across two of the three vertical studs that are located halfway under the stairs. We checked with our local building office, and they said no problem since we show a utility sink in the floor plan of that location (permit does not specify wall mounted faucet), but the GC’s plumber and GC are pushing back that this is against code and we’ll have to tear it out/redo if the inspector doesn’t pass it on our cost. I can’t find anything in the code about it. All I find is “wall-hung fixtures shall be rigidly supported so that the strain is not transmitted to the plumbing system”.

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