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Help! what to do with 10 ft ceilings and 6’8” header height

4 months ago

Could use some advice on an unexpected problem. We are in the process of building a new home - a one story with walkout basement. The foundation in the lower level turned out to be a foot taller than specified in the plans so ceiling height will be 10 ft instead of 9 ft. Windows and exterior patio door were ordered for 9 ft ceiling, 6 ft 8 inch header height and are being installed this week. Couldn’t raise windows higher off floor due to the overall house design. (Note that the main floor has 10 ft ceiling height with 8 ft doors,)

My original thought was to do trayed ceilings in the rooms in the lower level to reduce ceiling height around perimeter of rooms by one foot. Can still do this but might be awkward around staircase going up to main level and the rooms are not all perfect rectangles.

Can install 8 ft doors in interior areas but this would not match 6’8” header heights of windows. The rooms of concern are the ones in back of house with very large windows that look out on the lake. These include a rec room, two guest rooms and their bathrooms. Front half of lower level is garage and utility area and is mostly below ground level.

Was thinking we could add pretty trim that might be 10 or 12 inches tall around each room above the windows and carry it around to the 8 ft interior doors so that the top of the trim would meet and match the trim above the 8 ft doors. The trim would be white. The wall color would be a medium color (gray, taupe or gray blue) and ceiling would be slightly lighter color than walls. Then would paint the wall above the trim the same color as the ceiling. Was thinking this might minimize the look of the extra space between shorter windows and tall ceiling. Would this be odd?

Or should I just live with the 10 ft ceilings and windows with 6’8” header height? The three windows on the back of the house are 7 to 10 ft long and about 6 ft tall so very large. But would end up with over 3 ft of wall between top of windows and ceiling. If so, should I use 6’8” interior doors or 8 ft doors? I’m just having trouble with tops of windows not matching tops of interior doors.

Also not sure what to do with bathroom doors. Do they need to be 8 ft or could we keep 6’8”? There are small windows in both bathrooms that will have the 6’8” header height but ceilings will be 10 ft.

I really value the input from the folks on Houzz and would appreciate any comments or suggestions.

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