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Window dilemma (new Crystals vs. old Champions for much less $)

4 months ago

Hello! Our windows (in a small nyc condo) are supposed to be about 6” larger, and I’m looking into replacing them. They were never changed when our building was renovated in 2004 to luxury, since we were rent stabilized at the time, and not owners. Now we own, and I realize it’s not as huge a deal as I had thought to enlarge the openings and replace the windows. I have a quote for $16k to buy and install 9 Crystal 2600 Series windows. They are large--about 42”x78”. It’s $18k if we order them in white.

But we have another option which would save us thousands:

The owner of the floor below us is replacing his windows as well this summer. His current windows are exactly the size that we need, and they’re white on the inside, which we want. He would give us his old windows for free, and the installer would service them by replacing the balances and broken parts to make them operate better (they’re difficult to open and close now). The installer would remove them carefully, block and waterproof on our window openings and install them here, making sure they operate significantly better that they do now. Their quote for everything is $9k (vs. $18k for new white Crystals).

The thing is, these windows—while being the exact size and color we want—are almost 20 years old. They’re made by Champion.

We are on a budget, so it’s tempting to take the old windows and save $9k. On the other hand, even with servicing, there is no way they would work as effortlessly as brand new Crystal windows (which have heavy duty balances).

I’m sure some of you have strong opinions here—would love to hear them, and thank you!

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