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Furnace/Central Air vs Radiant Floors/Ductless

Daniel R
4 months ago


We are renovating our home, it will be a complete regut, and we are down with yet another difficult decision.

We live in Toronto (midtown area), we are Europeans (we hate this central air systems, love rads/heated floor systems) and we always wanted to have heated floors around the house. Now that we are looking at budgets, we chose to check more closely with the GC a system called WarmBoard (looks very efficient and cool) but overall we are looking at 40/50k difference to a regular furnace/AC central air when we consider we also need to add a ductless mini split system for AC. The GC thinks it is a waste of money we will not generate back if/when we sell this house.

I would love to hear any thoughts or points we would need to consider to make a decision.

The overall budget of reno is about 1M and value of the house should be 3-3.5M after reno.


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