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Need help with small front yard.

Gert H
12 days ago

I am having to cut down on landscape maintenance. I dont have the time or physical ability to keep up with it or afford to pay someone else to do it. We recently removed overgrown items from front and side of house. We also had to cut down a blue atlas cedar that was supposed to be a dwarf. But wasnt. I recycled some things-holly & 2 cottoneaster, that werent that bad. The coral bells can stay , they do need to be moved forward a bit if they do, or they can be re used elsewhere. I wouldnt mind a tall very thin tree near outer corner of porch, either in front but off to the left, on an angle or put on the side of the porch/house. I want perenials & evergreens. I dont want to expand the landscape, just work with what the 12 x 5 foot area that is there.

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