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I have a house that was built around 1900. Plaster question?

Matt Freeman
9 months ago

most of the load bearing walls in this house are still plaster. there has been a really heavy texture trowled over the plaster walls in the living room and dining room walls. it looks similar to artex in europe but i live in a small town in texas. Im unsure at what time this texture was applied. it dosnt look like any style ive run into before. the texture peeled off the plaster in a few areas where the house had previously been leaking for a long time. its thick and very ridgid but it must soften when wet because of the way it peeled off in sheets when exposed to water between the plaster and it. if it was plaster i think it would have bonded with the wall and not peeled off like it did but thats a blind guess because i have zero plaster experience.i want to try peeling it off instead of glueing it back to the plaster if i have a chance of removing the texture, so i can shallac the walks and patch and paint them flat. does anyone have any experience with removing thisctype of texture? thank you for your time.

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