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New Windows / New Window treatments

Sandra DeCarle
3 months ago

I am going to be replacing a few of the windows in my house. One is a large picture window with 2 double hung windows on each side in the dining room which I plan on getting new window treatments for asap, afterwards. (I expect to reuse all the other window treatments in the other rooms.) I was advised to remove all window treatments and hardware before the installation day. (The installers do not remove or reinstall them but did give me a name of someone who would take care of that for us.) So I was just wondering if it makes sense to have someone reinstall the old/existing window treatments which have had their day on the dining room window with the intent to change it out very soon. Would doing that not be good for the new windows if it needs to be taken down soon after and another possibly completely different type of treatment going up in its place? Right now I have H.D. cellular shades but might be changing to Roman shades, I am not sure.

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