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Seedlings Have Started

4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

A few seedlings have started blooming in the last two days. Most are on short scapes with few buds.

I Remember You X Kindred Jewel is one of the few early seedlings with good branching and bud count. It has four-way branching and at least 17 buds in its first year to bloom. The scapes are short though.

Grandma's Smile X Bubblegum Delicious #1 - The blooms are a darker, richer pink than the past two seasons, but the scape height and bud count is less than previous seasons. It had good increase last year.

Stinger X Razor Sharp - This is its second year to bloom. The flower size is larger than last year, and the color has improved. But scapes and bud count is lower.

Dragonfly Dawn X Bowtie Affair #1 - Third season of bloom for this one. Last year it had more ornate patterns on its first blooms.

Gypsy Cats seedling X (Razor Sharp X Spacecoast Night Vision) - This first-time bloomer has grayed purple petals on cool mornings like Trahlyta and Teddy Bear's Picnic. The purple gets darker throughout the day, and it ends up a dark purple with a slightly darker purple eyezone. It shows a good toothy edge even after a cool night.

It looks like several other seedlings will be starting later in the week.


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