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white Dove by Benjamin Moore

Zana Ridha
6 months ago

Just finished painting, most of my interior in white Dove but it is looking more yellowish and no hint of grey at all ? Any suggestions should I add an accent wall where the fireplace is to mute the yellow tone. ? I will be updating my furniture prices to more transitional but for now I need to make sure to mute the yellow undertone. Anyone went thought this ? We are so disappointed. After all the work and $$$$ we are not that happy with thr results. Also for the lighting at night we will bump it up to 3000k or 3500 to make it cooler a bit. Any suggestion for light color is also welcome🙏
I’m so disappointed that I have to do all this, thought this color would be more on the white/grey tone then yellowish/creamy tone. 😌

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