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Lapins Cherry Trees: Why do they keep dying on me?

4 months ago

I am in Zone 7a and I have had good luck getting some other fruit trees (pears, apples, nectarines) off to a healthy start, but it looks like I am striking out for the third time on a lapins cherry tree. I tried a new location this time thinking that may be the problem, but once again things are not looking good. Looking at the pics, does this tree seem salvageable? If yes, what should I try?

The tree appeared quite healthy when it arrived in late March, and once planted leaves did start to grow. But then growth slowed and the the leaves that did grow remained small, and now they are curling. A scratch test does reveal green, however.

I have been trying to water regularly, but not too regularly.

Any suggestions on what, if anything, I can do to save this one?

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